What is about

Data Holder is an .net object/relational mapper written in c#. It provides typed data ecapsulation and database persistence for .net applications. It also contains a wizzard for generating the data objects and persistance c# code. Supported database engined and MySQL
  • MSQL 2000/2005/2008

So what does this framework provide.

Well you will be able to map your tables/views/selects or stored procedures to a class that can contain all the columns returned from your query.

You can also create a herarchical structure that will contain mutiple dataholder types.

You will be able to access data trough property index property name and trough typed properties.

You will ofcourse be able to load, update, insert and delete the data without writing any SQL.

The entities are serializable so you can use them in an n-tier enviroment.

The database mapping information is not keept in the same class as the data class. Which means that your data classes will never now anything about the database.

You can add extra behaviour for the loading and saving actions - check Northwind Sample

Posted by Bogdan on April 21, 2008.

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